50 Days Running Challenge - Rules

  • Run 50 days
    At least one runs a day during the event duration. You may do more than one runs in a day, if you wish, but one run is minimum.
  • Run minimum 2.5km a day
    There is no upper limit, but 2.5km is the minimum you need to run daily.
  • Where do I run?
    Anywhere, as long as you run. Treadmill will do indoors. On a road near your home, a park, around your office, it doesn't matter. Just run! Enjoy your Run.
  • Run or walk (or cycle)?
    Just walking everyday will not qualify for the purpose of this challenge. You need to run daily, though it could be run/walk also. Cycling is not allowed.
  • Submit your daily run data
    Our event website (wellnessevents.in) is already setup with a data submit page from where you can submit your daily run data (distance, time) using the Booking ID which will be provided to you.
  • Medal Qualification
    Along with minimum distance you must run at least 40 days to become eligible for medal.